Dear journal,

6/24/10. My name is Smith, Daniel Smith, that is, and I am mercenary. I wander around war-torn Eastern Europe with no purpose, no where to go, just... wandering. Today, I was hired by a mysterious man named Hanz. He apparently wants me to help him on his journey through what he calls "No Man's Land". He tells me that he is looking for gold in an old deserted WWII bunker. But I don't know...there's something weird about him. Anyway, he expects me to have a team within 24 hours and that we leave in a truck at daybreak the next morning. To be honest, I'm kinda nervous; The land is controlled by Russian insurgents. But, hey, as long as I get my money, I don't care.

Commentary: This is the first of my ten part blog posts about a story that involves me and several other mercenaries.

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