S.S. Bunker
The entrance to the S.S. bunker.


No Man's Land


Nazi Ghosts, The Breather

The S.S. Bunker is the primary location of Outpost.


Towards the end of the Second World War, the Nazis began experiments on their men, attempting to enhance them. They were partially successful.

It was said that an S.S. brigade was sent to destroy the bunker. No one walked out alive. However, when D.C.'s team was paid by Hunt to help him on his journey to find "minerals" through No Man's Land, they disturbed the apparitions, or ghosts, still "trapped beneath the field". When the Nazi Ghosts were awoken, they began to slaughter members of D.C.'s team, one man at a time. Most of the film took place in or near the S.S. bunker.


  • According to the film, the S.S. Bunker was a vital location; Housing the officers in charge of the operations, the S.S. scientists preforming the experiments, and very important S.S. documents. So it is unknown why the S.S. would choose a bunker in the middle of nowhere to do so. It could be perhaps that the bunker was once part of a large military base, or it was specifically made to be in the middle of nowhere to be kept secret so the Allies would not find it.
  • The S.S. Bunker is underground and has a single opening.
  • It could be possible that other patrols may too have slaughtered in the bunker. This is expressed when Hunt says "Sure, other patrols must have came down here from time to time...".
  • The Bunker is remarked by D.C. as "a tactical nightmare".
  • Some of the mercenaries believe that there may be Nazi gold in the bunker.

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