Reanimation Machine


The Breather, S.S. scientists




Nazi scientists (1945), Mercenaries (2008)


Electro-magnetic pulse



The Reanimation Machine is a weapon in Outpost.


During the end of World War II, the Nazis began to conduct experiments on their own men. One of the experiment's purpose was to create an invincible soldier. After partially successfully doing so, the Reanimation Machine was created. This device awoken, controlled, and killed the Nazi Ghosts. It was developed by The Breather and his team of S.S. scientists. After the attack on the bunker, the machine and the bunker were left behind and forgotten about, until D.C.'s team investigated the bunker.

Upon reaching the S.S. bunker and inspecting it, Hunt finds this machine. Unbeknownst to D.C. and the other mercenaries, the Reanimation Machine was the real reason why Hunt wanted an escort. Hunt knew that the machine would be worth millions, possibly billions, of dollars and would make him rich, which is why he didn't want to tell D.C. and the others. At one point during the final battle scene, Hunt activates the machine, and it kills all attacking Nazi Ghosts in the bunker. However, the machine malfunctions and the Ghosts rise again. Within several minutes, D.C. and Hunt, the last surviving men, were killed. The fate of this machine is currently unknown.