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Nazi Ghosts are
Several Nazi Ghosts standing around the perimeter of the S.S. bunker. The Breather can partially be seen in the middle.
the primary antagonist faction in Outpost.


Towards the end of World War II, the Nazis began conducting experiments on their own men in an attempt to enhance them, or make them invincible, within a bunker in Eastern Europe. They were partially successful. In order to control the Nazi Ghosts, the Reanimation Machine was constructed. This machine was able to awaken, control, and kill the Ghosts. When a team of mercenaries were paid by a mysterious man named Hunt to help him on his journey through No Man's Land, they discovered the old Nazi bunker. In the bunker they find a survivor. Events follow events, and eventually the team has to fight the Nazi Ghosts. The Ghosts were responsible for the deaths of the whole team (D.C., Hunt, Prior, Jordan, McCay, Cotter, Taktarov, and Voyteche) and possibly all of the Second Team.

The S.S. men that were killed for the Nazi scientific experiments were disposed of in the body room, within the S.S. bunker.



  • The Nazi "Zombies" are actually ghosts of German soldiers who were killed in the bunker for Nazi scientific purposes. The souls of those soldiers were "trapped beneath the field" until D.C.'s team inspected the bunker.
  • For some odd reason the Nazi Ghosts' commander is The Breather. This is weird because he was the one who authorized the testing and killing of the men. It is unknown why the Ghosts would choose the man who allowed their deaths as their leader.
  • In the final battle scene, some Nazi Ghosts can be seen holding a Kar98k bolt action rifle.
  • Two of the Nazi Ghosts remained within the body room and the experiment lab.
  • The Nazi Ghosts apparently have the ability to be able to flicker lights, spark lamps, close doors without touching them, appear/dissapear randomly, create an extremely cold wind, and are invicible to bullets.
  • In the final battle scene, D.C., Prior, and Jordan fire repeatedly with G36Cs and AK-47s, but the Ghosts don't even flinch. However, when D.C. runs out of ammunition for his G36C he pulls out his M9 pistol and fires at the Ghosts, the bullets seem to have an effect, as the Ghosts flinch when hit.
  • Other names for the Nazi Ghosts that Hunt said are "Apparitions" and "Entities".
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