Nazi Ghost


Erma Werke




  • Nazi Ghosts
  • Ammunition

    9x19mm Parabellum



    The MP40 is a full automatic 9mm submachine gun manufactured by Erma Werke during World War 2. The weapon was issued to various branches of the military in Nazi Germany such as the Luftwaffe, Wehrmacht and even the Schutzstaffel.


    In the film Outpost; the MP40 can be seen in the hands of several SS troops including ones in the research tapes discovered by Hunt; which shows them being fired at the soldiers that would later become the Nazi Ghosts. It was also seen in the hands of a Nazi Ghost during the final battle of the film.

    Outpost: Rise of the SpetsnazEdit

    In Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz; most of the Nazis seen throughout the film are shown to either carry the Kar98k or the MP40 as their primary weapon; however during his escape; Dolokhov and his comrade Fyodor acquired MP40s in order to protect themselves, should they encounter resistance.

    He eventually used the ammo in the magazine that was in his gun; which caused him to drop it and fight off Nazi Zombies with hand to hand combat; as well as using the gun as a melee weapon. Eventually Dolokhov acquired another MP40 when he was outside the S.S. Bunker encountering SS troops.

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